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A collaborative web design, branding and illustration studio for happy people.

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We're the perfect mix of kindness & badassery. Hire us and we'll kick your project in the butt, and then kiss it afterwards.

Laura Bee

Brand Extension

Want something fun & cute?

Jen Mussari

Hand Lettering
Fine Art
Animal whispering

Want something cool?

Meg Lewis

Graphic Design
Art Direction
VIBE Technician

Want something weird?

Brad Evans

Product Design
UX Design
System Design

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Want to hire the whole fam? We make a great team!



Design Triathlon with Ghostly Ferns

Part competition, part workshop, part party! Join Ghostly Ferns Meg, Jen, and Laura as they mentor and cheer you on through each leg of a design triathlon. Events include Brand Direction, Typography, and Design. At the finish line you'll have made a complete, albeit weird, design. After a vote, the winner receives a jumbo trophy and a firm pat on the back! Fear not, no prior knowledge of design needed for this sports event.


Finding Your Value & Creating a Mission with Meg

Photo by  Brit+Co

Photo by Brit+Co

Own a business and are looking to find, or refresh, your values? Meg will work with you or your team to solidify your values, capitalize on what makes your company unique, and craft a mission unlike any business. You'll leave with a new sense of purpose and a job that better aligns with your personal values!

Icon Design with Laura

Icons communicate with us every single day, most of the time we don't realize it. When designed effectively, icons become effortless in translating a message with no language barrier. In this workshop you will learn how to create icons that communicate accurately, are visually stunning and cohesive. Going from pencil sketch to final polished vector, you'll get the inside scoop and everything you need to know to create your own baller set of icons.

2017 Dates

Meg is Speaking
July 20

Creative Works
We'll be hosting a thing
October 5-7

AIGA Design Conference
Meg is hosting a symposium
October 12-14